25 Funniest Test Answers Ever

Every aspect of attending a school is terrible, but the worst aspect of education is tests. Everyone hates tests. Everyone fears them. No student in the world ever looked forward doing a test. Tests are a student’s worst enemy.

And sometimes, tests can so much stress a student that it must write down funny and hilarious test answers. In this article, we will showcase some of the funniest test answers ever. The test answers we will feature are guaranteed to make you laugh. Now, prepare yourself to burst into tears from laughing as you are about to see the 25 Funniest Test Answers Ever:

#25 – That is Penis

So, the kid who made this hilarious test answer had to name the objects in this test. He named a cab, a can, and he also named this thing in the middle as a penis. And the kid was right, this arrow actually points out to the penis of the drawing in the test.

However, we think that the correct answer to the object in the middle was the stomach. We can only imagine how the teacher of the kid who wrote this test was mad when he saw this crazy test answer.