25 Most Haunted Homes in the World

Although most houses look charming from the outside, you can’t really conclude what a house really is like until you visit its inside. Now, the interiors of some houses around the world were places where some dark things happened – murders, suicides, dark rituals, and other violent things. Houses which have a history of violence and other scary things are said to be haunted.

In this article, we will feature such homes with dark histories which are allegedly haunted. We warn you, if you are faint of heart, stop reading this article now. But, if you are brave enough, continue reading about the 25 Most Haunted Homes in the World:

#25 – 30 East Drive

The whereabouts of this creepy house are in Yorkshire, United Kingdom. The eerie house on 30 East Drive in Yorkshire became haunted ever since the Pritchard family moved into it. The family who resided in this haunted house reported that shortly after they moved into it, they started experiencing scary poltergeist activity.

The members of the Pritchard family swear to God that they saw some creepy things happening in the house – from cupboards shaking on their own to the light turning off and on without anyone turning the switch.