25 Most Haunted Homes in the World

#8 – Houghton Mansion

Houghton Mansion is a creepy old mansion you can find in North Adams, Massachusetts. The mansion was named after a man called A.C. Houghton, who was the first mayor of North Adams.

Now, one night, Houghton rode to Vermont together with his daughter and his daughter’s friend. They were actually being driven by a private chauffeur called John Widders. Long story short, the chauffeur made a mistake that cost Mary’s and her friend’s life and which led to A.C. Houghton’s misery. Several days after the accident, the chauffeur killed himself in the garden of the Houghton Mansion. And nine days after, A.C. Houghton died of sorrow. Today, this mansion is haunted by Mary and her dad.

#7 – LaLaurie Mansion

This haunted house is probably known to you because it was featured in the popular TV series “American Ghost Story.” LaLaurie Mansion can be found in New Orleans, Louisiana. This house was owned by probably the evilest slave owner in history, Delphine LaLaurie.

In the attic of this spooky mansion, Delphine tortured hundreds of her slaves. She even performed gruesome experiments on her slaves in the basement of this seemingly beautiful mansion. Today, this mansion is haunted by the ghosts of slaves who died in the attic of the mansion and by Delphine herself.