25 Signs That Shows End Of World Is Near

No man knows when the world will end. In fact the season of the apocalypse was not imparted by the Father to the human instinct of the Son (Matt.24, 36). Nonetheless, in the Gospels the Son of God tells us of the signs which must arrive at go before the apocalypse. What are these signs and what conclusions, however reluctant, would we be able to draw from them about the circumstances in which we live? 25 signs that shows end of the world is near are:

#25 – Many will come for the sake of Christ and misdirect numerous

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(Matthew 24:4-5 King James Version). Individuals will come as though Christians [IN MY NAME], saying, Jesus is the Christ [SAYING, I AM CHRIST]; and might beguile numerous. This is going on constantly! The adversary is ascending pioneers who are affirming Jesus Christ, but are not Biblical Christians. In like manner, some are asserting to be Biblical, instructing from the Bible, but then they are fiendishness. Since they are pronouncing Jesus Christ, individuals are being bamboozled by them, trusting that they can tail them.

(Matthew 24:4-5 King James Version). Individuals are emerging constantly, who don’t claim to be “Jesus Christ”, be that as it may they do claim to be a “Christ” [SAYING: I AM CHRIST]. There are endless new age individuals everywhere throughout the world who will guarantee that Jesus is not “THE CHRIST”, but instead “A CHRIST”. New age individuals as a rule attempt to clarify this by saying how the Greek word “kristos” or “Christ” just signifies “the blessed”, and that “Jesus” discovered how to be a “Christ”, and that is the thing that his service was about – to show us how to wind up blessed; to show us how to end up plainly a “Christ” like him.