25 Weirdest School Rules Ever

Every school in the world has rules that students must obey. Even pre-school institutions such as kindergartens have rules that young students must follow.

Although school rules are totally fine and they regulate how a school is functioning, some schools went too far with their rules. In this articles, we will feature some of the funniest and weirdest school rules ever. These rules will make you think how people who make rules can sometimes be crazy. Here are the 25 Weirdest School Rules Ever:

#25 – No Exposed Shoulders

When the summer season kicks in, almost everyone is wearing clothes that expose their shoulders, especially girls. And there is a reason for wearing such clothes – the fewer pieces of clothes you wear during the summer, the more comfortable you will feel.

However, some schools forbid their students to wear clothes that expose their shoulders, no matter how hot the weather outside is. The reason why schools forbid exposed shoulders is that having exposed shoulders apparently makes a student lose focus.